UDOO is back at HackUMass 2016

HackUMass, the largest hackathon in Pioneer Valley, is coming back to University of Massachusetts, Amherst on October 7-9th, this time with even more hackers and hardware and awesomeness. HackUMass – a closer look HackUMass is a tech gathering of the most ambitious, talented and creative hackers from all over the country to build innovative software […]

UDOObuntu 2 for UDOO NEO: the official version is here

Hi guys, here we are with UDOObuntu 2, the official version. No more RC versions to come. Of course this doesn’t mean that we are gonna stop working on UDOObuntu 2! On the contrary! It just means that we have reached a stable version. Basically what’s changed is that now the Board Manager is supported. […]

Big update for UDOO NEO’s Cortex M4 (Arduino)

Friends, here we are with the third announcement of today – unbelievable, isn’t it? So, what’s new???? Board Manager for UDOO NEO’s Cortex M4 (Arduino) updated To get the updates you just have to type in the command line sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade Then you have to install the update contained in the […]

Android 6 Beta 4 for UDOO DUAL/QUAD

Friends, we’re in news-mode today, so this is our second announcement: we’ve entered the fourth Beta of Android 6 on UDOO DUAL/QUAD. Hurrah! Check the downloads: http://www.udoo.org/downloads/#quad Isn’t it cool? What’s new 2016-07-20, v6.0.1 beta4: – Added TWRP recovery – Google Apps support – Added VPU decoders and video playback – Added support for USB […]

Android 6 (Beta) available for UDOO NEO

Girls and guys, we are here for a good news that we guess you didn’t see coming: Android 6 Beta is available for UDOO NEO: check the download section and start coding. Changelog 2016-07-20, v6.0.1 beta1: Upgraded to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow UDOO General in Settings to manage (Video Output [HMDI – LVDS7 – LVDS15]; Audio […]

Android 6 Beta 2 for UDOO DUAL/QUAD

Hi friends, we’re moving on with the development of Android and today we’re presenting Android 6 Beta 2 for UDOO DUAL/QUAD. We’re glad to say we solved some issues of the first Beta and improved the general user experience. Mirror EU http://download.udoo.org/files/UDOO_Unico/UDOO_QDL_img/Android_img/udoo_quad_dual_android-6.0.1_beta2.img.zip Sourceforge https://sourceforge.net/projects/udooboard/files/UDOO_QUAD-DUAL/Android/udoo_quad_dual_android-6.0.1_beta2.img.zip/download Changelog 2016-06-23, v6.0.1 beta2: – Added UDOO Camera support – Added […]

Become a blogger for UDOO

Hi friends, ever thought of becoming a blogger for UDOO? How it works It works this way: if you’re interested contact us and write your blog post in the form. Otherwise, send an email to andrea.rovai@udoo.org (the one who’s writing this post right now), so you’re free to send a file with images, videos and […]

Android 6.0.1 for UDOO DUAL/QUAD

Friends, we’re glad to announce that Android 6.0.1 is finally available for UDOO DUAL/QUAD! WARNING: this is a Beta. Camera and Bluetooth don’t work yet. SourceForge Link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/udooboard/files/UDOO_QUAD-DUAL/Android/udoo_quad_dual_android-6.0.1_beta1.img.zip/download Mirror EU link: http://download.udoo.org/files/UDOO…mg/udoo_quad_dual_android-6.0.1_beta1.img.zip Source Code: https://github.com/UDOOboard/android_udoo_platform_manifest/tree/android-6.0.1 SHA-1: e306f75cd145bef51a3675a71d0d2ef91016e290 Enjoy!

New Arduino Libraries for UDOO NEO

Friends, we are here to tell you that new Arduino libraries for UDOO NEO for the UDOO Bricks and the internal motion sensors are now included in the Arduino Board Manager. You just have to assign the sensors to M4 with the Device Tree Editor. Then follow the official guide to install the Board Manager […]