Android 6 Beta 2 for UDOO DUAL/QUAD

Hi friends, we’re moving on with the development of Android and today we’re presenting Android 6 Beta 2 for UDOO DUAL/QUAD. We’re glad to say we solved some issues of the first Beta and improved the general user experience. Mirror EU Sourceforge Changelog 2016-06-23, v6.0.1 beta2: – Added UDOO Camera support – Added […]

Become a blogger for UDOO

Hi friends, ever thought of becoming a blogger for UDOO? How it works It works this way: if you’re interested contact us and write your blog post in the form. Otherwise, send an email to (the one who’s writing this post right now), so you’re free to send a file with images, videos and […]

Android 6.0.1 for UDOO DUAL/QUAD

Friends, we’re glad to announce that Android 6.0.1 is finally available for UDOO DUAL/QUAD! WARNING: this is a Beta. Camera and Bluetooth don’t work yet. SourceForge Link: Mirror EU link:…mg/ Source Code: SHA-1: e306f75cd145bef51a3675a71d0d2ef91016e290 Enjoy!

New Arduino Libraries for UDOO NEO

Friends, we are here to tell you that new Arduino libraries for UDOO NEO for the UDOO Bricks and the internal motion sensors are now included in the Arduino Board Manager. You just have to assign the sensors to M4 with the Device Tree Editor. Then follow the official guide to install the Board Manager […]

UDOO X86 at Intel booth at ISS, Intel’s top channel event

Hey guys, UDOO X86 is being exposed at Intel booth at “Maker and Innovator Group – Internet of Things”!!! If you don’t know what we are talking about, “The Intel® Solutions Summit is Intel’s largest channel event of the year, exclusively reserved for Intel® Technology Provider Platinum partners. This prestigious event is a unique opportunity […]

UDOO at Droidcon Turin (Italy) and other good news from the UDOO world

Dear friends, we’re back after stealth mode with a lot of news from the UDOO world! There are really plenty of them, so let’s cut the chit-chat and go straight to the point. The Interactive Maker’s Guide to Boards, by Make – and UDOO NEO is in! If you are a habitual reader of Make […]