Android 6.0.1 R2 for UDOO Quad/Dual

Here is it, friends: Mirror EU SourceForge Release Note 2016-11-24, v6.0.1 R2: – Source code updated to android-6.0.1_r74 – Autofocus enabled in the Camera app for the UDOO Camera module – The /data partition can be expanded to fit the whole SD card from Settings/UDOO – SuperSU updated to version 2.78 – Switch to GCC […]

Android for UDOO NEO: here’s the updated image, with Arduino interactions

We’re making progress on UDOO NEO’s M4 to allow Android + Arduino interaction. Below you can read the release log of the latest changes on Android image of UDOO NEO. Download the image from here: Mirror EU: SourceForge= 2016-11-10, v6.0.1 beta2: – Source code updated to android-6.0.1_r70 – Arduino M4 sketches are loaded […]

Android 6 R1 for UDOO Dual/Quad: spread the news

Hi guys, we are happy to tell to the lucky owners of UDOO Dual/Quad that we are today releasing an update of the Android image of our beloved iMX6 board. What’s new in this Android 6.0.1 R1? Pretty much what you can read in the release note – a small spoiler: there’s good news for those waiting for […]

FairWind, 1st at Futuro Remoto with UDOO

FairWind, the Android, cloud-based navigation system for small yachts that we told you about three weeks ago, placed first (!) at Contest Università, XXX edition of Festival della Scienza Futuro Remoto, a famous event held in Naples, Italy, on 7 to 10 October that attracted about 200 thousands people, dedicated to innovation, science and the […]

UDOO Forum, da oggi anche in Italiano

Buongiorno amati lettori, vi annunciamo con piacere che da oggi (da ieri a dir la verità) c’è la possibilità sul nostro forum di aprire discussioni in italiano nell’apposita sezione. Perché? Perché UDOO è una famiglia di prodotti orgogliosamente made in Italy, e abbiamo molti sostenitori italiani. Di recente, casomai ve lo foste perso, abbiamo anche […]

See you at Maker Faire Rome?

Friends, do you remember? It was 2 years ago, 2014, and it was our second time as exhibitors at Maker Faire Rome. We launched the first UDOO board in 2013 – it was April – and we’ve been exhibitors since the very first event in Rome, you know that? And now that the fourth edition […]

FairWind running on UDOO QUAD to be exposed at Città della Scienza, Naples, in occasion of “Futuro Remoto”

FairWind running on UDOO Quad will be exposed at Futuro Remoto on October 7-10! Incredible, isn’t it? We don’t know your view, but being exposed at Città della Scienza in occasion of “Futuro Remoto” sounds especially exciting for UDOO! First thing first: do you know what FairWind is? Long story short: it’s an integrated multifunctional […]