Update your UDOO asap!

This update applies to all the backers who pledged for the kits with the pre-loaded micro SD cards and for those who have already created and or updated their bootable micro SD cards.
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UDOO Camera!

Hi everybody!

Today we tried out the UDOO’s camera with Android!

It’s a CSI camera module, 5Mpx with autofocus, connected to the dedicated UDOO’s camera connector. Android recognize the camera with no problem and we were able to use the default Android camera app.

At the moment the camera isn’t available for purchase, but it will, don’t worry!


Arduino IDE for UDOO

Hello everybody, this is a big, big announcement: the Arduino IDE is now working on UDOO!
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UDOO shipment progress

Hi guys,

We know you’re all pretty excited the get your hands on UDOO, here a shipment update about how it is going:

190 UDOOs Dual have left the factory for the United States, unfortunately we had troubles at customs which delayed deliveries. Don’t worry, the Duals will be on their way to you soon.
200 UDOOs Quad have left the factory as well, no problem with this second stock.
Starting from next week, we’ll be able to finalize and ship bigger quantities and the Kickstarter fulfillment should proceed smoothly then, for Dual and Quad both.


UDOO power consumption

Hello everybody! Here we are with a long-awaited update about power consumption of UDOO.
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UDOO is Shipping!!!

The very first units of UDOO are leaving the factory right now, direction: our great backers!

Starting from next Thursday also the Quads will be on their way to you.

Have a nice trip UDOO!

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UDOO is coming!!!

Hey Folks,

Deliveries will start as promised!

All of us at UDOO are happy to announce that we’ll start shipping UDOO Dual boards on September 26, as scheduled. Other shipments will also begin soon. Stay tuned!!!

We’ll keep you updated.

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UDOO schematics

Hey folks! Here we are: we are ready to share with you UDOO’s schematics!

Production update

Hi folks,
We are happy to announce that UDOO is going full production this week!!

After months of testing, improvements and various revisions, the final PCBs have arrived and the line is now set: we are ready to start full production!

Thank you all for your patience and encouragement!

UDOO team

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2D & 3D Mechanical profile models

Hi there, many of you have been asking for this since the very beginning of the campaign. Now the UDOO’s 2D & 3D mechanical profile models are available!