UDOO Neo coming soon on Kickstarter!

Hi UDOOers,
these days we have been submerged by requests regarding UDOO Neo. When will it be available? How much will it cost? And so on. You are very curious about the new board, and we have a lot of expectations too, so we thought about the best way to deliver a brilliant product which fits the needs of the community.

UDOO Neo will be on Kickstarter soon, the dice is cast.
Kickstarter has been the place where we moved our first steps, and we see it as a sparkling platform to crowdfund and even crowdsource a project. The spirit of the community is the launching pad of each innovative project on Kickstarter, and we trust in you guys, as the beating heart of UDOO, for project-ideas, suggestions and tips. You can start right now, commenting this post! To answer your questions, regardless we already announced UDOO Neo, we rely on Kickstarter as a necessary boost keep a low price on the launch and even after. UDOO Neo is the perfect platform for a student to start tinkering with Arduino, Linux or Android: help us make it real, help us make UDOO Neo accessible to everyone around the world.
We are looking forward the date of the launch, and in the meanwhile we are preparing some surprises for you. The pricing will be top secret until the very moment of the launch, which is settled in April.

If you want to be the first to support us, you’ll be happy to know there will be an Early Bird to reward our early adopters. We suggest you to take a look at the Kickstarter alert we prepared for you.

In a matter of two or three weeks we’ll [...]

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    Support Viper on Kickstarter, the Python IoT design suite for UDOO, Arduino and Spark

Support Viper on Kickstarter, the Python IoT design suite for UDOO, Arduino and Spark

Hi UDOOers,
today we’d like to spend a few words on a sparkling project of our friends of #Toi, ThingsOnInternet, that we first met at the RIOT Internet Festival last year in Pisa – and it has been a good idea indeed to take part to #RIOT, given that from that starting point BETaaS and Viper, two brilliant ideas UDOO-based or UDOO-supporting, have sprung. Viper moreover is already gaining a small (but remarkable, considering the timing) success in Italy – where the founders come from – with a coverage by Wired and Corriere della Sera! How could we avoid to make a post about it?

So, what is Viper?

First of all, let’s take a look at the cute Viper video on Kickstarter!

Viper is a cross-platform development suite for the high level design of interactive objects, which allows the developers to create in Python for Arduino DUE, UDOO, UDOO Neo, Spark Core and Photon and similar boards.

VIPER = Viper Is Python Embedded in Realtime.

If you are a developer, VIPER will give you a browser-based, zero-install development environment – the Viper IDE – compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac where you can write Python code with extensive library support and have it executed on any Arduino-compatible board.

This way you can forget the complexity of coding and just focus on the functionalities you want to put into the smart object you got in mind.

And there’s even more. The Toi Team will provide a Viper App, which is part of the suite, to control your creations. Once launched the VIPER App will discover all the VIPER devices available on your network. Once one of them will be selected the App will become its interface. The VIPER App [...]

Update your UDOO asap!

This update applies to all the backers who pledged for the kits with the pre-loaded micro SD cards and for those who have already created and or updated their bootable micro SD cards.
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UDOO Camera!

Hi everybody!

Today we tried out the UDOO’s camera with Android!

It’s a CSI camera module, 5Mpx with autofocus, connected to the dedicated UDOO’s camera connector. Android recognize the camera with no problem and we were able to use the default Android camera app.

At the moment the camera isn’t available for purchase, but it will, don’t worry!


Arduino IDE for UDOO

Hello everybody, this is a big, big announcement: the Arduino IDE is now working on UDOO!
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UDOO shipment progress

Hi guys,

We know you’re all pretty excited the get your hands on UDOO, here a shipment update about how it is going:

190 UDOOs Dual have left the factory for the United States, unfortunately we had troubles at customs which delayed deliveries. Don’t worry, the Duals will be on their way to you soon.
200 UDOOs Quad have left the factory as well, no problem with this second stock.
Starting from next week, we’ll be able to finalize and ship bigger quantities and the Kickstarter fulfillment should proceed smoothly then, for Dual and Quad both.


UDOO power consumption

Hello everybody! Here we are with a long-awaited update about power consumption of UDOO.
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UDOO is Shipping!!!

The very first units of UDOO are leaving the factory right now, direction: our great backers!

Starting from next Thursday also the Quads will be on their way to you.

Have a nice trip UDOO!

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UDOO is coming!!!

Hey Folks,

Deliveries will start as promised!

All of us at UDOO are happy to announce that we’ll start shipping UDOO Dual boards on September 26, as scheduled. Other shipments will also begin soon. Stay tuned!!!

We’ll keep you updated.

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UDOO schematics

Hey folks! Here we are: we are ready to share with you UDOO’s schematics!