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  • Don’t plug accessories or devices NON 3.3 Volts Compliants
  • Don’t short-circuit external pins without resistors
  • Don’t use non compliant plugs (lvds, sata, external-batteries)
  • Don’t touch the board components with conductor objects
  • Don’t put the board directly on damp or wet or conductor surfaces
  • Don’t short-circuit jumpers connectors with inappropriate objects
  • Don’t use external power plug non UDOO compliant
  • Don’t replace board native components
  • Don’t program CPUs pinmuxing with conflictual and wrong configuration
  • Don’t remove SD card when the board is powered on.
  • UDOO is not designed to be powered from an USB port. If this is attempted it may malfunction.
  • Avoid handling UDOO while it’s powered. Only handle by the edges to minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge damage.
  • The peripherials used with UDOO should comply with relevant standards for the country of use and be marked accordingly to ensure that safetely and performance requirements are met.
  • This product should not be overclocked as this may make certain components very hot.
  • The connection of unapproved external devices to the GPIO connector may effest compilance or result in damage to the unit and invalidate the warranty


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