Come find us @computex in Taiwan

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Ciao UDOOers,

We’re going to be at COMPUTEX in Taiwan next week, in Hall 1 K1015a. On show will be the UDOO BOLT, the board powered by the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000, funded by members of our community, who contributed over $630,000. Find more info here and pre-order on Mouser.

We’re going to showcase this powerful board with a Pool Ball Tracking Analysis demo, which consists of a virtualisation of a pool game using a camera mounted above a mini green table. The camera recognizes the ball position creating a virtual representation of the whole game.

You would like to be at Computex but don’t have an invite yet? We’re here to help.

International visitors can get a free of charge invite following the instructions at this link.

Local visitors and students can request an invitation by emailing:

We’re excited to be there once more, and we can’t wait to meet our community there, thank you for your support and give back. So, if you’re at Computex between the 28th of May and the 1st of June come and say hello, we have tons of free stuff to give you:


Get a special t-shirt if you’ve backed or pre-ordered UDOO BOLT. Find us!

Want to join us there? Pre-order directly at the event using your mobile device.


Publish an Insta or Fb story at our booth and tag “UDOO_Board” to get warm drinks in your fashionable UDOO thermal mug.


Come and say hello at our booth for more free gadgets! We’ve got stickers to stick e v e r y w h e r e , your imagination is the limit. Tag us “UDOO_Board” and show us what you’ve come up with.

So come to our booth in Hall 1 K1015a and suit up!

Get the whole outfit!

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