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UDOO boards are open source, open hardware single board computers.
Resources such as cross compilers, Kernel and Uboot Sources as well as Arduino IDE board packages, mechanical specs, the Bill of Materials and the Schematics are released under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

All the documentation that you can find here is also on our page on GitHub.

The idea behind this documentation is to provide all the necessary information to use UDOO boards as desktop computers, as Arduino-compatible boards and as embedded boards, that are boards meant to be used in an embedded context. As microcontroller development boards UDOO boards are ideal tools.

The documentation is supposed to be a work in progress, meaning that if you find an unreported bug you are welcome to let us know through a Pull Request on GitHub.

In case you realize you find problems with the examples reported in the documentation or if you notice there’s something unclear for you the Forum is the place to go.

In this documentation you can also find some useful resources built by the UDOO community, such as libraries and tools. Complete projects instead are available on Hackster.io. You can access Hackster.io and read lots of UDOO-based projects just by clicking on “Projects” in the header of the UDOO website.

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