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    Dear guys,
    I've opened a new section in the documenation called Yocto.
    You'll find it inside "Software and Operating Systems". As I'm writing this post I've opened the section just for UDOO Neo, but as soon as I've finished with this announcement I'll go make such a new section in UDOO Quad documentation too.

    Yocto for UDOO boards as you know is maintained by the community, mainly by Christian Ege, that you will also remember (a-la Troy Mcclure) also an active user of the forum as well as admin of the Yocto subforum.

    To make an introductive overview about Yocto I've copypasted stuff from Wikipedia, but I'd rather not to, so if Christian or whoever else has suggestion for this part we're all ears.

    Same way, we'd love to receive many pull requests for the Yocto documentation: it is supposed to be crowdsourced. We don't mean to officially support Yocto, but I want you to be in the comfort zone while using Yocto, I want you to have all the resources you need at your fingertips.

    EDIT: here is the link for Yocto docs for UDOO QUAD.
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