Factory fault or what ? [Boot, Reset, Power, LVDS]

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    Ok let's begin.

    Since I was cursed about using electronic devices beside I'm engineer I started to make everything for myself because no one cares !

    OK and now enough gibberish.

    I am kickstarter backer. if you want to hear very orign of my story look there to start understand my frustation. http://www.udoo.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=406

    Finally I can enjoy my UDOO (enjoy ? ) board but I encountered with many hardware and software problems. Brace your self the mighty reader because the post will be long enough to finish your coffee.


    I got the board.
    Linux 11 and android 4 Working nominal.
    Wired and wireless network working nominal.
    HDMI working nominal.
    Serial communication with PC working nominal.
    -Power button not working.
    -Youtube laging as hell or not working at all. (linux 12 and android 4)

    So when I got my board I pluged uSD card and booted the system via HDMI monitor. everything seemed working flawlessly but then 2nd time I decided to change uSD card form Android to Ubuntu... Nothing happened.
    I figured out that there are some malfunction on Voltage regulator side or something like that. First I thought that my AC/DC adapter is faulty (was included in the kit) but lated with more sophisticated instruments i figured out I was not right. Just check the pictures:



    That experiment was repeated many times. Meaning for the Fluctuations of current is based on some buggy watchdog or something.

    So Power button NOT WORKING ! I just unplug adapter from socket and plug in again. when uSD card is removed or changed watchdog is triggered and Nominal current witch is ~0,3 Amp is limited to ~0,12-0,18 Amps. That Limitation causes insufficient current flow for nominal system operation.

    I found some kind of "Algorithm" for solving that problem. When UDOO triggering watchdog (current limitation) you have to unplug power plug.
    Then remove and insert uSD card.
    Plug in power again.
    If nothing happens repeat same procedure again. I took 2-3 Attempts to boot udoo for this technique. other methods was unsuccessful.

    So OK we have Barely Working UDOO. Now look at software side. I'm Youtube man. And one of the main reasons why I bought UDOO was that when I'm developing Arduino projects or Grasshopper logic or SCIlab math or whatever I want have youtube music in background.

    On UDOO trailer videos and various benchmark posts they advertised very good results + full OpenGL support on LVDS and HDMI screens was everything what I need. On android side youtube working better but still lagging like hell.

    But yeah it was.... (please someone help me with youtube performance problem)

    By the way. people who reading this and want to offer me to open ticket on support. I done that long time ago and updated 3 times with pictures, accurate explanations and something. I got 0 response. UDOO support was the worst support ever I encountered. After this, one though becoming bigger and bigger, thinking about why Italy have so big Debt, because there no one doing their job... (sorry about that).


    Ok the last but not least problem.


    I have Compal HEL80 laptop screen with inverter. Please help or guide me into information which I could connect this piece of engineering. Like you can see there is 2 connectors. One is LVDS (i guess) connector and other Inverter connector. Both connectors are incompatible with UDOO board. Maybe there are adapters or something ? please share your thoughts and I will be very grateful for you guys.


    Looking forward for your suggestions.

    Gamemakerh Out !
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    gamemakerh, we analized your issue and we found out that it cannot be solved even if we send you a step by step guide. You're right, probably it's a watchdog issue + a missing hw component so we need to replace your board. We're going to reply to your ticket with all the instructions to return the faulty board so we can send you a new working one asap.

    Sorry for the late reply.

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