FIM3030N-HV Finger print scanner - Is suitable to udoo quad

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tannyveer, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Hello udooers,

    I have FIM3030N-HV finger print scaner and i want to inetrface it to my udoo quad board which is operating at 5-V. Is it possible to interface it or any extra circuit is needed to do it. And also tell me which finger print scanner is quite suitable to udoo board. so that i interfaced very easily.
    I also refer to adafruit finger print module with arduino sketch but its operating volate is 3.6 - 6V. Is it woking for me?

    refers to links below: ... 6100,d.dGc
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    Re: FIM3030N-HV Finger print scanner - Is suitable to udoo q

    Not directly, no... That unit is expecting both to be powered by, and send out it's signals through 5V...

    What you can do though is power the unit (Vcc) through the 5V output pin on the Udoo's Arduino side, and then for the digital IO pins, go from the Udoo's data pins to one of these: (8-channel bi-directional level converter)

    And then from the other side of that to the FIM3030N 's IO pins. This will convert the signals from the 5V the FIM is producing down to the 3.3V the Udoo needs and vice versa. Then you should be good to go.

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