[Guide] Setting up SATA for Booting from Windows

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    This guide is for people who dont have a spare PC to put there sata drive in, nor are running a linux-only box.

    Tools Required:
    -USB to SATA Adapter
    -Virtual Box w/ Linux Guest
    -MicroSD image(the OS you want)
    -knowlege of serial connection w/ udoo

    1. Wipe the HD and do not make ANY partitions on it. Just wipe it. (I used a program called Mini tool partition wizard)
    2. Download win32diskimager and flash the image you want to the HDD and to the microsd.(note - i am using a usb to sata converter. the HD is not actually installed in my pc)
    3. Make sure you still have your usb/sata converter hooked up. Go into virtualbox and select your linux guest and goto the settings tab. Make sure you enable usb 2.0 and add the filter for it. Go into your linux guest OS w/ virtualbox and run gparted. If you do not have gparted, run "sudo apt-get install gparted", without quotes.
    4. Unmount the SATA drive, and select the "resize" partition. My sata drive was dev/sdb. Yours might be different. Drag the bar at the top to make full use of your unallocated space. When you used win32diskimager earlier, it created like a 7gb partition with the OS on it. Resizing your partition(probably dev/sdb1) just makes use of the entire hard drive space.
    5. Load up your serial connection with putty and stop the boot sequence. Follow the instructions at http://www.elinux.org/UDOO_boot_from_sa ... are_U-Boot .
    6. Plug in sd and sata hd and you should be golden.

    I had sooo many problems with getting sata to boot at first because of lack of documentation but i finally figured it out. I hope this guide helps someone.

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