I ordered a 3D printed Neo case, shipped at my home!

Discussion in 'UDOO NEO' started by Vinz87, Apr 10, 2016.

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    I would like to share with you my extremely satisfying experience I had with ordering a 3D printed case for UDOO Neo at the website 3DHubs.com, which is a collector of people owning a 3D printer who offer printing your model for you and shipping it at your home.

    All I had to do was to download the 3D models here; then, after registering on 3DHubs.com, you can find a printer near your home for picking the order by hand, or you can choose it anywhere in the world a pay little more for the shipping. After uploading your model, you will have a precise quotation of your order, shipping excluded, based on the volume to be printed and on the materials you choose.

    For those who live in Italy, I can suggest this "hub", for his great support in helping me with all the process and to choose the right material. I ordered him to print the 3D models of the Neo's case (both upper and lower sides), with the plastic material named PLA at 300 microns of resolution. The overall cost was of 5.70€ for the board plus 2.50€ of national shipping, total 8.20€.

    If you want, you can also take advantage of 10$ discount on a 25$ order following this link.

    I attach some photos of the case, it perfectly fits the board.

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    Great! Thanks Vinz87

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