Motor Shield Burnouts and Motor Problems

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    I am a representative from Poolesville High School's Class of 2017. My class has been attempting to use the UDOO Quad to complete a variety of missions with rovers using LEGO Mindstorms parts. This has been working fine until we came to school this week, where we discovered a whole slew of problems with the UDOOs that hadn't been there before. Most of these problems are motor based. but others are more complicated. We've been using Arduino motor shields that look similar to this with basic motor ports with some Arduino UNOs. The whole system is running off of 8V lithium-ion batteries.
    For the sake of ease, the UDOOs have been labeled beforehand using numbers 1 between 15. However, some are I don't have information on and other numbers were simply skipped over. Each UDOO has its own specific problem and we've been trying our hardest for the past few days with little luck.

    UDOO 1: UDOO 1 can't use Arduino. We suspect that it isn't connected to Linux. However, some groups have been trying to use it through Linux.

    UDOO 3: UDOO 3 is the only one that remained fully functional. The Arduino Motor Shields have been hardcoded with the basic number pad commands: 8 is move forward, 4 is turn left by having the left motor B spin backwards and the right motor A spin forwards, 6 is right, achieved by similar means, 2 is backwards, and five is stop. The problems with this become more apparent later on.

    UDOO 4: I have the most documentation on UDOO 4 considering that it, in a way, "belongs" to our group in that we almost always use the same one. However, the process we used mimicked that of other groups because this is a class project. UDOO 4 behaved properly in all terms except for the stop (5) function. Motor A, as put so eloquently by my groupmate, was "possessed" in the fact that no matter what we tried it never turned off except when not receiving commands. It was constantly on high power. We switched motor shields, switched motors, switched wires, stacked LEGO connectors, did everything we could possibly think of but there was no new developments. Today, however, was different in that one of my groupmates spoke with people in the other class and came back with the idea to check the ports on the actual UDOO using a grounded LEGO flashlight. To our surprise we found that ports 3 & 11 on the Quad were not functional, so those respective pins were bent out of place. Ports 2 & 6 were working, so we connected wires linking 3 to 2 and 11 to 6. Apparently the pins that were connected to the motor shield were burnt out, but the female wires holes on top were still connected to the motor ports. By using this setup and referring to 2 & 6 in the code rather than 3 & 11 respectively, we managed in a way to patch up the rover. As of now, this is the only functional rover we have that was once broken. Still, we have no idea why ports 3 & 11 burnt out in the first place.

    UDOO 6: The tale of UDOO 6 is an interesting one. Before today, there were no known issues with this specific UDOO. However, about halfway through class today the processor simply popped open, leaving a hole in the top of the UDOO. We have no idea why, or even how it happened. The group using it tested it thouroughly, turning it on and hooking it up to a computer, but it appears to still be vaguely functional. We're not sure of any motor problems as of now.

    UDOO 10: UDOO 10 had the same problem as UDOO 4: it was unable to shut off Motor B. However, during the process of troubleshooting, it was discovered that now both motors A and B refuse to shut off. We think that using a similar strategy, we can fix this UDOO in the same way as UDOO 4.

    UDOO 13: As far as I know, UDOO 13's only problem is overheating.

    UDOO 15: UDOO 15 has an issue similar to that of UDOO 1, except not even Linux works. We believe it's not salvageable.

    This is all the information I have at the moment. Thank you in advance for all the help. We really do appreciate it.

    PHS Class of '17
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    i will try resolve all the issues:
    UDOO 1 :
    Often the problem can be resolved by remaking the SD with linux.
    UDOO 3:
    what is the problem?
    UDOO 4:
    I need to see the arduino code, to understand better the problem.
    UDOO 6:
    ehm.. Can you take a picture of the UDOO.
    UDOO 10:
    I need to see the arduino code, to understand better the problem.
    UDOO 13:
    How do you use this UDOO?What task does it do?
    UDOO 15:
    Often the problem can be resolved by remaking the SD with linux.
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    Hi PHSSMCSClassof2017,
    we have already answered you in the customer care section.
    By the way, what do you mean when you say you represent a class of 2017?

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