Need advices for rugged application based on Udoo

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    I puchased a UDOO Quad (but maybe I could choose a x86 version if needed)..
    I need to create an embedded application with a touch screen in kiosk mod( there is only the application on the screen and no window frame Os, etc..).
    The system need to be light enough to boot quickly directly to the application and robust because it is stopped by turning off the power, so I guess I have to put the system in read only .
    I think I will use a Linux Os with Qt 5 for the GUI (but I need to cross compile it).. I could use Python also...?

    For the moment I don't manage to choose between Os:
    -UDOObuntu 2.1.4 (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
    -UDOObuntu 2.1.4 Minimal (14.04 LTS)
    -Yocto EGLFS (no X11) (does it work with a touch screen ?(The one I choosed for the moment is an HDMI/USB touch screen ) )
    - build a custom Linux (with buildroot for instance) ?

    Do the UDOO Quad well suited for this purpose?
    Should I use Qt, python or both (I need to control some I/O , touch screen, and several serial port)
    As I allready said, it should support brutal power turning off and boot quickly in kiosk mod.
    Should I install the Os on an SD CARD or on an SSD on SATA (is it possible? )

    Do a rugged system allready exist for the UDOO ?

    Thank you very much for your help^^
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