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    i encountered speed-problems with Samba, now i try to download a file to test the network-speed:

    I get only 1-2Mb/s with ethernet and wlan or only one of them active.

    What is the Problem? How to find a solution?

    With Udoo Neo, Wifi and a slow SD-Card i get 5Mb/s.

    With a Pro+ SD-Card i get 15Mb/s.

    If i boot from SSD i get only 1-2Mb/s.
    There is no filesystem on my SD. I only need it to boot from Sata.

    Found the Problem:
    I only get the 15Mb/s with the g724c68a-Kernel from UdooBuntu.
    If i update to gddaad11, i get only 1-2Mb/s

    Both on the Pro+ Sd-Card!

    It is not the Kernel, but something between the image on the server and the newest update.
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