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    I am looking for some information on the operating temperature of the UDOO Quad with camera module. I found info on the camera (50degC) but cannot find anything on the processor unit itself.
    I want to design a small enclosure for the unit, just big enough to house the unit itself and dissipate the generated heat.
    Any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated.
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    My prmary Udoo Quad board idles around 39C, as reported by the onboard i.MX6 sensor (cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp). To ensure good convective cooling without a fan, I do have it mounted on the exterior of a metal enclosure (top side), rather than within the box. There is a large shield prototyping board mounted on the top Arduino headers (one of these: http://www.nkcelectronics.com/arduino-m ... d-pcb.html) and covering nearly the entire heat sink, all but the rightmost 1cm or so, but this seems not to have much effect on temperatures so long as the sides remain open. Under load, it gets into the 45-50C range, though I never stress the GPU much.

    A friend has one mounted inside the metal "Ucase" enclosure that's been discussed on this forum, also with no fan running, and his idles around 46C. At one point he was getting system freezes, with temperatures in the 62C+ range. I found 'xscreensaver' hogging an entire CPU core for some fancy effect that would never have even been seen on his headless system, which had a desktop running only for remote VNC access. Disabling that took care of the lockup problem, whcih makes me think it probably was heat-related, and that a self-reported 62C is too hot for reliable operation, even though Freescale's data sheet for the i.MX6 suggests this is well within the CPU's thermal limits. Based on his experience, I'd suggest a fan for any fully-enclosed Udoo Quad where you expect heavy, sustained loads. Duals may be more amenable to passive cooling. The fan connector at J4 is wired for GPIO on/off control, although available current on that header is limited by high Rds_on across the switching MOSFET. The fan included with a "Ucase" attaches instead to Arduino headers, and is always on if you use it.
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