OSC for Complex Bidirectional Linux/Arduino communication

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    Hi Everyone.

    I have an application which requires two-way information exchange between the Arduino and the Linux portion of the UDOO.
    I am terrified of the notion of having to concatenate and parse byte streams, as I have a lot of parameters flowing in both directions, none of which are 8-bit. My ideal situation would be to use a framework that allowed me to pass parameters of arbitrary resolution with string-based labels to avoid errors or confusion.

    I think I may have found a solution, but I'm not sure I know how to implement it.
    The OSCUINO library seems perfect.

    It offers neatly packaged datatypes and functions over the serial line, rather than TCPIP which is more typical of OSC applications.
    Here is a great example of a complex bi-directional data exchange for the Arduino Esplora: https://github.com/CNMAT/OSC/blob/maste ... splora.ino

    The clean hierarchy, expandability, and apparent robustness appeal to me deeply.

    The code I am running on the Linux side will be python.
    Has anyone used the UDOO for OSC related projects?
    Is there a superior way to move data between the two cores with minimal parsing?
    Note that my data includes floats and I would like them to be labeled with strings.


    Robb Godshaw http://robb.cc
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    Re: OSC for Complex Bidirectional Linux/Arduino communicatio

    I'm still trying to find out how to exchange text data between Linux and Arduino of any kind. Please see this post, do you have any suggestions?


    I was intending to use JSON format.

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