Shock resistance of UDOO duo

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    Nov 4, 2013
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    we would like to use the UDOO duo for flight control of power kites (see: ).

    In this application a high resistance against mechanical shocks is important. The best boards
    that you can buy are certified for a shock of 50 g. I think that the weakest point of the board
    with respect to shock resistance is the CPU-cooler.

    How is the CPU cooler attached?
    Is it possible to run the board without the CPU cooler, e.g. if the graphics part is
    disabled and/or by reducing the clock speed?
    Was any testing on shock resistance done so far?

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    Uwe Fechner
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    May 8, 2013
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    The CPU heat sink is sticked to the CPU through a thermal pad. The Quad version in particular features a bigger heat sink which is mounted to the board with 2 screws. You can run the board without heat sink or with a smaller heat sink if the CPU load of your application is not too high. The governor is set as "ondemand" so the CPU runs at the highest frequency only when needed.

    Tell me more about shock resistance test and we could arrange something. ;)

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