Udoo, Arduino Due/uno program to debrick routers using Jtag

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    Here you go guys,

    I bricked my wrt350n v1 linksys router and and needed to reflash th CFE and firmware (Via JTAG) to the router to fix it. The probelm was my laptop only has USB and I needed a computer with a printer port to fix it - either that or a Arduino uno - with that in mind I also needed something to work on a 64 bit version of windows - so I managed to find a program which would fix my router, but it was designed for the Arduino Uno............ at this point I ventured over to the Arduino forums and with the help of EliteEng - (see this thread http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=207044.0) he converted this to work on the Arduino Due - Udoo board.

    I have tested the attached program to successfully debrick my router - it also works on many more things with Jtag points - so if like me you're using a 64 bit O/S or don't have a computer with a printer port and need to repair something via JTAG using USB your luck is in.

    Source code, linux and windows files, sketches and wiring diagrams included.


    Download here:


    The attachment was too big for the forum to allow.

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