Udoo bolt for an in car dash/hub replacement?

Discussion in 'UDOO NEO' started by maheshkulkarni, Jan 29, 2020.

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    Jan 29, 2020
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    I've got a background with Arduinos and messing around in cars, so I'm looking for something that I can use as the core of replacing the majority of my in car systems with in a 95 Toyota Supra. Objectives I need to meet:

    • Dash clocks that load quickly when the car turns on - The main attraction of the Bolt is the raw power, I'm after fast loading times and the ability for it to boot straight into a dash application. currently I'm looking at a linux build with a QT based dash cluster

    • I/O reading to allow me to integrate some relays and sensors and feed that into the QT dash, in addition to CAN bus data - I'm hoping I can create custom CAN commands using the I/O on the Bolt and roll that into a USB to CAN connection (after a G sensor and I'm going to completely rebuild the steering wheel controls, I also need to add in a gear indicator and mode indicator and integrate that into the dash. I'm running an after market ECU, so I suspect I could do this with an Arduino I/O and feed that back into the CAN network if necessary, it would just be nice to have this onboard in the brain
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    This is udoo NEO section, not Bolt

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