Udoo Quad + Android 6.0.1 MARSHMALLOW = Karaoke Machine??

Discussion in 'Android' started by adamwhalen, Aug 29, 2016.

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    UPDATE:: It was a permissions issue: Using Super SU; I granted root access to Total Commander. I then went to the system root, opened the properties of the MNT folder. granted universal 777 access. Then I went into the folder and did the same to the directories within. And again within those. NOW. every app has unrestricted access to the complete file structure of my android system. VLC can now access my external hard drive and ALL of my karaoke library with it! SO: I now have a VERY portable, Light wight, POWERFUL karaoke machine! WOOT!!!!

    (( I am aware of the security risks involved with granting universal read/write access to my file systems. This is a close system that will not be going online and will not be having any other apps installed. I am not worried about MY system, but I knew the risks, and what I was doing! ))

    So, I have my Udoo Quad running Android Marshmallow = GREAT!
    I manually downloaded VLC Player.
    The apps and android system themselves work great. AWESOME.
    My wifi is solid, and my wireless keyboard and mouse respond well,
    I even have a 230 GIG Fat32 drive (yes I cheated to get it that size, but it works and is readable!)
    [[ for the record I have tested with smaller thumb drives, the issue remains the same]]

    I just need a more intuitive way to access that external hard drive. It is not visible from within VLC!
    Here is my issue: VLC player natively supports webm, mp4, even MP3+G Which are all awesome!
    BUT it is a real pain to have to leave the app, fight my way into settings, memory / USB, explore the drive, pick a single file, wait for VLC to catch up, and start over after each track.

    WORSE, i can not set VLC as the default music player so none of my MP3+G files work. The mp3 portion plays fine. However, the lyrics are in a separate file in .cdg format. These would normally accompany the mp3 if i could open it in VLC. Sadly, VLC is the only one to understand this and it can't see the USB memory. Luckily I can add directory paths in VLC for easy media browsing. I have added " . " as a directory which gives me root access... Still, For the life of me I can't find the external USB drive. It does not appear in mnt (where i thought i would find it) despite the native file manager allowing me to access it when i go into settings and memory / usb storage. Can anyone help with this?!?!?! I have upwards of 100 gigs of karaoke tracks that could be REALLY portable if I get this working!!!!
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    Hi @adamwhalen, just an idea:
    why don't you open this as an "open project" on hackster.io?
    I think this way you'd getter more eyeballs.

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