UDOO X86 Advanced Plus Browser Crashes

Discussion in 'UDOO X86' started by pkoe6844, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Oct 12, 2018
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    Dear UDOO Forums, i've recently purchased a UDOO x86 Advanced Plus to replace the raspi3 with Kodi as my TV-PC running Windows10. now apart from the fan being high-pitched at times it runs great.

    Except one thing: the main purpose of the board for me!

    I like to watch Lets Plays and other longer playlists with 1080p video (often with high bitrates) on Chrome and noticed that at least once an evening it would crash with the screen either freezing up or getting weird graphical glitches.

    Funny thing is the board is fine otherwise. i can play quake3 for hours and beside the fan going on once in a while it runs fine. same thing if i rip the 1080p video from youtube as an mkv and run it with MPC-HC. also system stress tests with AIDA64 at constant 100% with all the boxes checked doesn't crash it even after a few hours. But i start chrome and let a playlist run its bound to crash sooner or later.

    Bios is 1.04 and i have not changed any settings there. also i have unknown devices in my device-manager but i guess thats irrelevant to this issue.

    Please help me as apart from this issue the device is just what i was looking for.

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