Unable to start Arduino IDE after re-install

Discussion in 'Arduino IDE' started by peter, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Jul 16, 2014
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    I was having trouble using the AVR headers as the Arduino IDE that came installed with the Udoo board did not find them. I then noticed
    that the place where they are supposed to be (<arduino dir>/hardware/tools/avr/avr/include/avr) did not exist. The headers
    are on the system and I can use them with a normal c program, but they weren't found by the Arduino IDE.

    I then thought a fresh re-install of the IDE might do the trick. I deleted the directory where all the arduino stuff is
    stored on the Udoo (/opt/arduino-1.5.4) and went ahead and downloaded the IDE from the Udoo's official website.
    After unzipping the package, I ran the binary file in it. Result: nothing. The program does not start, neither via
    the command line with the command "./arduino" nor via the GUI by double clicking it and running it. There is a short
    delay where it seems to be trying to start but then it crashes even before I get to see anything at all.

    I deleted the folder and reinstalled like 5 times now and there is no result at all. I guess I could download a new ubuntu image
    but I actually really don't want to do that just to have the Arduino IDE on the Udoo again.

    Please help :( :(

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