UDOO Serial Libraries Examples

This tutorial is meant to demonstrate how to implement a uni\bidirectional communication between an Arduino sketch (running on SAM3X Arduino Compatible processor) and a binary application on iMX6 Linux processor. The Arduino sketch will remain the same no matter which programming language you’ll use to develop the binary on iMX6. There are two example scripts […]

Face Recognition & Face Tracking via OpenCV and UDOO

Hi guys, in this tutorial we’ll see how to implement an OpenCV App with Python and an Arduino sketch that read OpenCV data and moves a UDOO screen when you move your face in the UDOO camera range. OpenCV is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library that makes possible to process […]

Mod your UDOO to improve Wi-fi performances

Dear UDOOers, today we are going to learn how to improve Wireless Networking signal performances. UDOO’s Wi-fi module signal capabilities are comparable to a mobile phone, however some situations require additional signal strenght. So here’s how you can mod your UDOO and install an external Antenna. This operation will require some soldering skills and if […]