UDOO IOT CLOUD is a platform that allows to connect your UDOO BOARDS and create the perfect ready to use IoT system.

UDOO IOT gives you everything you need to connect your UDOO boards together and to the web.
A cloud platform for all the devices: DUAL/QUAD, NEO, X86, BLU, all the accessories and BRICKS: altogether in a web based platform giving you the chance to organize, handle, monitor and build the perfect IoT system.

The Cloud platform allows to organize your UDOO products featuring several components:

  • The Dashboard contains a recap of all your system. A map on the top left shows the devices location while the widgets allows to add your favourite sensors right where you can directly see it without going deep inside the system.

  • The IoT System gives a list of all the gateways, devices and sensors allowing to check the status, diagrams and adding more sensors to the devices connected.

  • The Triggers allows to set up a conditional statement allowing to easily automate tasks in the IoT system. For instance if a sensor reaches a specific value in a specific period of time, the system sends and alert or an email or just activate an actuator or a motor.



The official UDOO forums can be found at www.udoo.org/forum

The forum search facility has been tweaked to allow more general searching. Please do a search before making a post as the issue may already have been raised and answered.

IRC channel

There is an (unofficial) UDOO discussion channel on IRC. Using the IRC client of your choice, use server information: irc.freenode.net. Room name is #udoo.

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