UDOO BRICKS are modules you can use to augment your UDOO BOARDS and make them more versatile. Attach them into I2C Bricks snap-in connector with the related cable. UDOO BRICKS work along a cascade configuration, so you can attach them all together without wasting space in a truly intuitive way. Thanks to such configuration you can use cables up to 3,5 m long to connect UDOO BRICKS one another.

In the UDOO X86 the I2C Bricks snap-in connector(CN24) is connected to the Intel® Curie™ Processor (Arduino 101-compatible side).

Heads up! The main Intel® Braswell processor cannot access the I2C Brick snap-in bus connector. To work in Linux, Windows or Android with the data from the UDOO BRICKS, you need to pass the data via the internal serial communication.

You can use the Bricks modules exactly like I2C modules connected to the I2C bus of the Arduino 101 in SCL/SDA Pins.
I2C Bus support more devices simultaneously connected, so you can connect more than one brick to the the I2C Bricks snap-in connector(CN24) and connect other modules to the SCL/SDA Pins at the same time.

Light Brick - TSL2561T

The LIGHT BRICK is a light sensor. It’s based on the TSL2561T sensor.

You can find documentation as datasheet, schematics, and montage plane in the Other Resurces page of our website, in the Accessories tab.


To use this sensor and calculate Lux, there's a lot of very hairy and unpleasant math, but you can simply use one of the compatible libraries available in the Library Manager of the Arduino IDE.
Open the IDE and click to the Sketch menu and then Include Library > Manage Libraries.

In the Filter your search edit text type TSL2561. You can find these libraries available, all of them properly working:

  • Adafruit TSL2561 (to use the Adafruit TSL2561 library you need to also install the Adafruit Sensor library from the .Zip file)
  • SparkFun TSL2561
  • TSL2561 Arduino Library

You can use the Example Sketch of each library to read Lux.
The Brick Light Sensor I2C Address is set to 0x29, you need to modify the Arduino sketch accordingly to this info. Usually the address 0x29 is defined as TSL2561_ADDR_0 of TSL2561_ADDR_LOW.

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