Quoting from the Wikipedia page of the Consumer IR:

Consumer IR, consumer infrared, or CIR, refers to a wide variety of devices employing the infrared electromagnetic spectrum for wireless communications. Most commonly found in television remote controls, infrared ports are equally ubiquitous in consumer electronics, such as PDAs, laptops, and computers. The functionality of CIR is as broad as the consumer electronics that carry it.

The IR receiver mounted on the board is controlled by the Embedded Controller (STM32) and it can receive and decode only RC-5 protocol signals.

In this way it is possible to control your UDOO X86 with a simple remote control.


The driver is developed only for Linux, and it is implemented inside the CEC-HDMI driver. Refer to the guide for installation.

Heads up! Make sure you have installed an updated FW version (>= 1.04) on your UDOO X86.

When it is loaded, it will spawn an Remote Control Input device and it can be managed with the RC Framework and tools such as ir-keytable.
Due to the lack of standardization in the Consumer IR remote controls, it will likely not be configured properly for your remote control. The procedure for configuration is the same as the CEC-HDMI RC Passthrough device

Here is a fantastic guide from YaVDR about using ir-keytable and how configuring your RC device.

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