If you find any problem in the proper working of UDOO BOLT you can consult this section.

My UDOO BOLT doesn't boot or restart itself continuously

If it seems that your UDOO BOLT does NOT boot or that it restarts all the time, please check these points:

  • When the power jack is inserted the board does not start automatically. The power status LED is yellow/amber/orange and the board is in the power off state. To turn on UDOO BOLT you have to press the small power button on the front of the board. The status LED turns green when the board is powered on. Check the power button position in the Hardware Reference - Overview page.

  • Check the power source you are applying to UDOO BOLT. Please, follow the Power Sources page or consult the User Manual to learn more about the power supply needed by the board for normal operation.

  • Check that the restore factory configuration switch is in the right position for normal operation, otherwise the board will restart continuously. You can find info about that switch in the BIOS-UEFI Firmware page or consulting the User Manual.

I can't install a Linux distro on UDOO BOLT's eMMC

If you try to install a Linux distribution on the eMMC of the UDOO BOLT but the eMMC memory is not seen by the installer wizard see the eMMC Installations section in the Linux - Known issues page.

I have trouble uploading the Arduino Leonardo sketch running Linux

If you have any trouble uploading the Arduino sketch running Linux, check the Linux known issues section in the Getting Started with Arduino Leonardo page.

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