I am the Speed Force turned Mini PC - a true mobile supercomputer with reality-bending graphics and an ultrafast processor. Behold. I give you power to watch 4K 60fps videos on multiple screens at once, run deep neural networks, play the latest AAA games, build robots, explore lifelike VR and AR worlds - and over all, the power of your imagination, unlocked.

And nothing by any means shall stop you.


In my box, you'll find the Bare Board and the dedicated Metal Case. I also include the Wi-Fi and BT modules, a Power Supply, and both US and EU cables. I come unassembled, so you can build your own customizable solution. Lastly, you'll find detailed instruction manual to learn more about me.

I am small, I contain multitudes.

UDOO bolt

Thanks to my VESA mount, I can work with any flat panel monitors, televisions, stands and wall mounts.

UDOO bolt

I am your super-duper Smart Workstation

I'm not your everyday computer: I'm more! Just attach me to a monitor and I'll turn into a full-fledged Linux / Windows computer, with a 4-cores, 8-threads CPU.

Thanks my amazing GPU, I can run any program for 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and video/photo editing faster than your computer. After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Rhinoceros, Maxwell - I can do it all.


Also, I'm 100% compatible with any software for Interactive Art that already works on your PC: MAX MSP, OpenFramework, Pure Data, Unity, Processing and so on.

Need more?

Just expand me with up to 32GB of RAM and your latest and fastest SSD

UDOO gear
UDOO gear

I am your portable 4K Home Cinema

Thanks to AMD Radeon™ Vega Graphics, I can show you ultra-high-definition videos at 60fps on 4 screens at the same time. You don’t believe me? Watch me.

Also, I support High Dynamic Range (HDR) for even more breathtaking experience. What’s more, I mount 2x USB-C: data transfer, charging, and video output in a single connector


I am your lightweight Gaming Console

If you love videogames, I got you


AAA Games? No problem.


With PCI-express 4 lanes and tons of I/Os, I have limitless expandability: want to attach the latest GPU that came out last week? Just do it.

I am the Robot you haven’t built yet

I give you power over bits and atoms. Thanks to my Arduino-compatible microcontroller, based on ATmega32U4, you can reprogram the world as you like - build robots, drones and complex IoT environments.


Plus, as the communication between the CPU and the Arduino-compatible platform goes through USB, the Arduino-compatible platform can run when the powerful CPU is turned off, and wake it up when something happened in the world.

Unleash the maker that's inside of you.

What I am

My heart is made of silicon, my brain is electricity.


I got tons of I/Os and peripherals, an Audio Headset Jack, and two USB Type A.


Also but not least, two USB-C, two HDMI and an Embedded Controller I/O from which you can manage UART, I2C, and SPI.