You can power up the board in 2 ways:

  • 19V DC Power Jack min 3.15A (60W) for basic functionalities.
  • 2x USB Type-C power in. PD sink profile 20V/3A(60W).

A bicolour Green/Yellow LED is placed near the DC IN power jack (CN5) to signal the power state of the board.
When the board is powered but turned off, then the LED turns on Yellow, during normal working (S0 State) the LED turns on Green light.

DC Power Jack

The UDOO BOLT GEAR board can be supplied with an external 19VDC ± 5% power supply, minimum 60W (i.e. min. 3.15A @ 19V) for basic functionalities recommended.

Heads up! Always make sure that the power cable is less than 3mt. long.

This voltage can be supplied through a DC power jack (CN5).

Mating DC plug is a male connector 4.5mm x 3.0mm with pin inside.

Heads up! CE and FCC certifications retained using only the UDOO BOLT GEAR qualified Power Supply you can find in the UDOO Shop. When not using UDOO BOLT GEAR qualified Power Supply, use 19VDC (min 60W power) PSUs certified for your country

USB Type-C

The Board can also be powered by using a standard USB-C power adapter thanks the Power Delivery in Sink mode.
You can use either one of the two USB Type-C connectors (CN8, CN9).
The PD Sink power profile is 20V 3A.

Info In this thread of the UDOO Forum you can find an unofficial (but really useful) discussion about others compatible power supplies: Power supply compatibility list


USB Type-C

In Power Delivery Source Mode (in output from the UDOO BOLT GEAR to a USB device) the output is 5V 3A max per port with an overall budget of 4A, ie if a device connected to one port is consuming 3A, the other port has maximum 1 other Ampere to be given in output.

USB 3.0 Type A

The output from a USB 3.0 Type A to a USB device is the standard for USB3 specs, up to 900mA (0.9A).

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