UDOO VISION is supplied with American Megatrends International LLC(AMI)'s BIOS/UEFI Firmware.

It is possible to access to AMI Setup Utility by pressing the escape key (ESC) after System power up, during POST phase.

Heads up! Some wireless or mechanical keyboards that doesn't respect the standard USB HID protocol could doesn't work in the UEFI BIOS Firmware menu.

Heads up! Since some resolutions or monitors are not managed well by the firmware, if you get a black screen when you try to enter in one of the UEFI Firmware Setup Utility Menu options, try using another Display with a 1920x1080 resolution or a different cable.

UDOO VISION Hardware and UEFI BIOS User Manual

For a complete explanation of the System Configuration Utility menu items you can download the exhaustive UDOO VISION Hardware and UEFI BIOS User Manual

Restore Factory configuration

In some cases, a wrong configuration of BIOS parameters could lead the module in an unusable state (i.e. no video output, all USB HID devices disabled). For these cases, on the module it has been placed a 3-way switch which can be used to restore the BIOS to factory default configuration. To do so, it is necessary to place the contact of the switch in 1-2 position, then turn on the module, wait until the board resets itself then turn off the module. The contact MUST be now placed back to 2-3 position. During normal use, the contact MUST be always placed in 2-3 position.


You can restore the optimized factory default settings also from within the BIOS/UEFI pressing the F3 key.

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