eMMC onboard

Depending on the chosen model of UDOO VISION, your board is equipped with an eMMC storage memory up to 64GB to install your favorite OS.

The eMMC use a SD 3.0 compliant interface.

Heads up! As a flash-based storage device, excessive drive access, particularly write commands, reduces its life. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to NOT create a swap partition on the eMMC device.


Both Apollo Lake E3940 and E3950 processors embed a SATA Controller, which offers up to two SATA III 6.0 Gbps interfaces.
Of these interfaces, one SATA channel is carried out to a standard male SATA connector, CN11 (the other SATA channel is available on the M.2 Key B socket).

A dedicated power connector (CN10), can be used to power 2.5" Hard Disk Drives (or Solid State Drives) connected to the SATA male connector.
The dedicated power connector is a 4-pin male connector. You can find this cable in the SATA data and power cables for UDOO VISION kit.

Heads up! To connect a 3.5" Hard Drive you need to provide SATA +5V+12V combo power supply from an external source.


The SoCs used on UDOO VISION module offer a SD/MMC 4.0 compliant interface, that can be used as a boot device and/or to add another mass storages media other than the internal eMMC and the two SATA interfaces. This SD interface is carried to a standard μSD card slot (CN13), soldered on bottom side of the module, push-push type.

M.2 SATA Slot: Socket 2 Key B type 3042/2260

The mass storage capabilities of the UDOO VISION are completed by an M.2 SSD Slot, which allows plugging M.2 Socket 2 Key B Solid State Drives with SATA interface.

The connector used for the M.2 SATA slot is CN14, which is a standard 75 pin M.2 Key B connector.

On the UDOO VISION board there is also a Threaded Spacer which allows the placement of M.2 Socket 2 Key B SATA/PCI-e modules in 2260 or 3042 sizes.

For additional informations about M.2 connectors, look at the relative section.

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