LEDs and Buttons

UDOO BLU features 3 LEDs with different colors:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

LED Status table

Using one of the official UDOO firmwares you will find the LED behaviors listed in the table below:

LED Action UDOO BLU's status
Green, Yellow, Red Blink 1 time in sequence Ready. Initialization end
Yellow Blink 3 times Advertisement mode start
Green Blink 3 times Connection established
Red Blink 3 times Connection error
Red Blink 2 times Connection end
Green + Yellow + Red Blink 1 time at the same time Bounding reset


UDOO BLU features 2 Buttons to be used by the user.

Bricks connector

UDOO BRICKS are modules you can use to augment your UDOO BOARDS and make them more versatile. Attach them into I2C Bricks snap-in connector with the related cable. UDOO BRICKS work along a cascade configuration, so you can attach them all together without wasting space in a truly intuitive way. Thanks to such configuration you can use cables up to 3,5 m long to connect UDOO BRICKS one another.

In the UDOO BLU the I2C Bricks snap-in connector is connected to the I2C2 of the TI CC2650 MCU.

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