11 inch display with keyboard for$99

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    FYI There is an on going Kickstarter campaign for a Superbook. The campaign page says "turn your smart phone into a laptop for $99". A Superbook has a 11.6 inch HD display, a multi touch track pad, keyboard and rechargeable battery. For more information see

    Initially the campaign's main selling point was tun your Android Smartphone into a laptop. A recent update says the Superbook can be used with Raspberry PI. Microsoft Surface and a PC stick. In a response to a question about using the Superbook with an UDoo X86 the campaign owner said "Yes if there's a driver, it should". A Superbook uses Displaylink technology and USB for transmitting video from a PC to a Superbook. For more information see:
    For information about drivers see:

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    I'm backing that. And I backed the UDOO X86. But I'd rather buy a laptop instead of combining these two projects. I also have several Raspberries...but I find it pointless to use them with the Superbook.The whole thing is about using the smartphone as a computer that always has connectivity and is a " single point of communication"
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