5V FAN connected to Arduino pinout

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    In the official shop there are for sale cooling fans with a dedicated connector at the cost of about 15 € including taxes and shipping, it is an exaggerated cost for my pockets, so I decided to check if it was safe to connect a 1.50€ fan to the 5V pin of arduino without overloading the circuitry due to current demand or damaging it with return currents.

    images link
    The working FAN connected to Arduino 5V: https://ibb.co/mnN6Hv
    How I made the connection: https://ibb.co/dUCHPa

    Now for security I would like someone who understands more than me, confirm me: 1- The fan, which absorbs 60-80mA, does not overwhelm the various voltage regulators, looking at the datasheet would seem like no; 2- Observing the circuitry of the fan connector, there are or not essential protection components for returning currents which of course are not present on the 5V of arduino.

    Thank you all for your patience and help. I hope the answer to this question will be useful to many, to be sure not to damage the board and save a lot of money!

    On attached UDOOX86 schematics PDF, hilighted relevant information:
    Page 12 there are regulators, from 12V to 5V and then from 5V to 5V for the curie (the 5V going to the arduino pinout);
    Page 18 there is the arduino pinout;
    Page 21 the female jack for power supply and the connector circuit for the fan.

    On attached 45520 datasheet PDF, hilighted relevant information on page: 1 and 2

    On attached 7243 datasheet PDF, hilighted relevant information on page: 1 and 5

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