7" touch LVDS inverted, fullscreen chromium not refreshing?

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    I am setting up a UDOO LVDS 7" touchscreen that is rotated 180 degrees, because I am mounting the screen upside down in my application.

    Here's what I've done:
    1. xrandr -q (to get display name, which is "DISP3 BG" in this case)
    2. xrandr --output DISP3\ BG --rotate inverted (to invert the screen)
    3. xinput_calibrator (to rotate the touch inputs)
    So far, that took care of most if it. The screen is upside down and the touchscreen works as expected, even in chromium.

    My issue is when I make chromium fullscreen, the screen does not update except for a small square where the mouse position is. I can move the mouse to 'clear' areas to show the refreshed screen. The touch input is still working, but the screen is not refreshing properly. I do not have this problem when the display is normal (not inverted).

    My question - Is this a chromium, driver, X11, or kernel issue, and how can I tell?
    Just some pointers in the right direction would be very helpful - thanks!

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