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    I am from Turkey. I bought an Udoo Quad from Turkey distributor. There is only Quad for sale. I would like to buy udoo camera, touch screen etc. but they arent available. I messaged and also called them for ordering these parts 1 week ago. They said they arent available to get these accesories. Actually I dont have enough time, i thought if the touchscreen wont come, i should do something. I had waveshare 7'', i tried to make it work for Kitkat but unsuccesful, failed. So i think i have to buy accessories from your website but shipping to Turkey doesn't appear. Could you open shipping to Turkey?
    If my project works well, i may order 1000-3000 pcs touch-camera-quad-Ir camera. The project is secret so i cant say anything about them because of the company rules,but i can say (btw you can guees), i need exaclty android kitkat on udoo board as OS, need ir camera and touch screen.
    In the shipping details, it says 2-4 days to ship for udoo parts. Also 195$+ shipping is free. If i buy these parts, how much time required to arrive to me for Turkey?
    I hope you understand me.

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