AC/DC voltage rating on Spit Toggle switches

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    Hello Everyone,

    I needed to replace a toggle switch on my Spit, so I went to an auto parts store that offered switches that were nearly comparable to the Spit switches (common auto electrical part supplier). The box stated 12 volts at 15 amps. Great. When I got home and opened the package, the switch's markings indicated 3 Amps at 250 volts AC. I dabbled in electronics in my youth, many moons ago, and the dogma back then was that you didn't mix AC and DC switches. Something to do with the makeup of the contacts inside the switch, with DC contacts designed for one-way current flow and AC contacts designed for back-and-forth current flow. It's not a matter of wattage. Regardless of what the switch says, are new switches AC/DC? Are there any electrical engineers out there who can comment on this?


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