Accidentally powered J1 with 12v

Discussion in 'UDOO 101' started by glennlopez, May 4, 2014.

  1. glennlopez

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    Nov 12, 2013
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    So I accidentally put 12v into J1 misinterpreting this as J25. Udoo still boots up, what should I do for a complete functionality check?
  2. peter247

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    Mar 10, 2014
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    Looking at my diagram J1 is for the battery of the real time clock , so you may have just killed off the RTC , But if you have connected your udoo to the internet it will just get it time from the internet , which I guess is what happens with most people anyway.
    I think the only advantage of a working rtc , is when you didn't have the internet to set your clock , and the logs at first boot will say it 1970 ? , until it get it time synced .

    I only way to test it is put ( I THINK ) 3 volts on J1 , boot and shutdown , put out the power ( give it a little time ) and look at the logs , which if the RTC is not working will say :-

    1970 ? , then jump to the correct time ... , if it slow to correct time from the start I would say the RTC is still working .
  3. DracoLlasa

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    Oct 15, 2013
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    that is correct, just apply 3.3 volts from a coincell batter or a lipo (3.7 i think) and that should power the RTC and confirm if things are working.
    There is also a case that will hold a couple AA batteries that can be plugged into J1 to power the RTC, again any of these options can be used to confirm that it still works.

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