Android 4.3 Source build - Boot loop problems

Discussion in 'Android' started by kjhoremans, May 30, 2014.

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    May 30, 2014
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    I'm trying to build from the Android 4.3 source v2.0, and after debugging a few problems along the way, it seems to be compiling the uboot and the android source just fine. The SD card image is created without error as well. However, on boot, i get what sounds like repeated USB connection and disconnection sounds, like the UDOO is stuck in some sort of a strange boot loop. All of the build steps as outlined at ... om_sources worked (with one modification to the script for the boot loader, as its UI doesn't work properly).

    I'm using a DUAL core, and the UDOO Android 4.3 source v2.0.

    I've been able to successfully create a boot SD from the stock SD image, and i've successfully created an Ubuntu boot SD card from binaries (kernel, uboot, FS). I need access to the Android platform source for my project however (am looking at customizing the OS for my needs). Please help, or point me in a direction to start looking!!

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