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    I am using

    Power Button ? Did not work ....
    Shutdown/Suspend/Wakeup from Arduino ? Did not find a howto or tutorial.

    I found this old threads (2014) (2014) (2013) (2013)

    A plan to use the udoo board in a camper van to control electric and sensors. Android should only run when needed.
    Arduino power consumption can be trimmed down to some mA if the processor is idle the most time and only wake up every some ms.
    Power consumption of some mA should be enough for normal Arduino operation if the system is tuned in this direction.

    The threads I found are old.
    (sleep mode)
    > we'll fix this issue in the next 4.3 release (12/2014)
    > We'll fix in the next release or sooner if we manage. (2/2015)

    For me, this is a basic functionality.
    I read in different threads about idea of battery powered udoo.
    But I did not found answers.

    Did I miss something ?
    Is there any kind of timeline for Android sleep mode ?

    If no one is there who has time and capacity to do it, can you give some hints (~3 sentences) how to do it for my own:
    - where to look in android source to patch
    - code snippets, helpful other projects, ...

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    They will never fix this. They are talking a lot... but are doing nothing.
    This is also the reason why Android for the NEO is not out yet... after 3 month.

    Arduino Sketch Upload is very buggy with OSX (Quad Android Image), I had to code my own tool to solve this endless issue.

    As I said... they are talking a lot... and are doing nothing... or wrong.

    This is also the reason... why you are not got a reply to your post. They don't like critism.

    The buglist of the Udoo devices are long... but after 2 years, nothing is fixed.

    ... if the Android Image for NEO will be released... it will be still buggy, of all time, the same like for Dual and Quad.
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