Arduino side "show" while udoo powering up and booting

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    I have udoo.dual with only power and ethernet connected. I dont need hdmi monitors and so on. TFT screen is controlled by Arduino.
    On arduino side five 74HC595 shifters is connected (they controls relay modules). Controlled over SPI.
    There is no problems when udoo is connected to PC with Teraterm. But when udoo is powered up "stabdalone" - light and sound show is started for about 1 minute. Relays is going On and Off very fast, tft is flickering in all possible collors. And then everything works like nothing was happened. Almost. Biggest problem is that after this show tft touch screen sometimes works, sometimes not.
    Question: what can I do to prevent this show? I think all this is because udoo wants to put boot output somewhere and desperately looks for hdmi, serial connection. How to power up udoo quietly?
    And because hardware is far far away from me, software solution is in first plase (hardware solutions will be done few months later).
    OS: Linaro Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    Thank You

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