Attaching RGB to your Bolt

Discussion in 'UDOO BOLT' started by rushboardtechuk, May 26, 2020.

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    I've wanted to put my Bolt into a desktop case for a while for video production/podcasting, whilst an ATX/EATX for game development is added later, as the Bolt's size is about the same as ITX. For a config like this, however, no dual-system spec would be complete without some RGB. Alternatively, this is for user who may simply want to change their dull case for something more lively.

    As people know, the Bolt doesn't have a 3-pin header on its board for RGB, though I've found a couple of workarounds. For this you will need an RGB kit that has everything Corsair or similar manufacturers do, where GAMEMAX (there are likely other kits) comes through with a full solution of fans and a lighting strip, including a hub for upto six fans and ASUS AURA support [link]. This is great if you're running everything with just an M.2 SSD, or that plus an HDD via one of the USB ports, as the hub is SATA-powered.

    If, however, both SATA ports are full, there are also some USB to SATA Adapters available. This might be better for most users, as GAMEMAX's kit doesn't need a lot of voltage to run.
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