Bluetooth not "holding" (android 4.3); wifi also erratic;

Discussion in 'Android' started by frudman, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Apr 15, 2014
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    Just got the quad running android 4.3. Boots up great (& fast!) with usb mouse connected and hdmi screen.

    Test keyboard (bluetooth) does not connect. When we try to turn on bluetooth (in settings) it says "ON" for a few seconds then it turns itself OFF.

    Is there a trick we're missing?

    Also noticed that the Wifi keeps dropping and shows only 1 or 2 bars: Wifi AP is less than 12 feet away with direct sight line and no other device using it.

    Is that normal?

    Is there a problem with wireless connections (wifi, bluetooth)? That's a very big deal for us (and why we went with UDOO/Android).


    (of course we went through the usual reboot with/without connecting mouse, to no avail)

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