Bolt v8 power budget / energy consumption

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    There was a question in KS page. I think the forum is better suited for discussions...

    IMHO, the required power is the power budget problem. Yes or no answer will be based on how the user plan to configure and run the board.
    In the USB-C PD case, it's very straight forward. If the USB-C power profile is less than 60W and if not capable of supplying 20V, the USB-C PD power source will not be activated.

    In the case of using the DC_in power jack (4.5x3.0x1.0 plug), the situation will be the power supply rating. So let's dig into it.
    For example, my Bolt v8 only has one 4MB SODIMM at DDR4-2133. There is no M.2 card used and there is a USB-C passive (bus-powered) hub with keyboard and mouse attached.
    In such case, the max. power consumption I saw is 20v 1.6A (i.e., 32W.) I would estimate if I add one additional 4MB SODIMM and a 512MB SATA M.2 drive, the power needs will be around 42W or so.
    So in theory, a well designed/implemented 20V 2.25A (45W) power supply to Bolt's DC_in probably will work. But that will be close to the margin if the configuration is fully populated.

    P.S. I did run basic stress test to get the max. power consumption value. The BIOS setting on POW is 25 Watts (the maximum setting.)

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