Cheap Speakers for the Udoo X86

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    These speakers work on the Udoo X86 once the correct plugs are installed on them:
    Speaker, 8 ohm Micro in Cube Case
    Item #: 31867 SP
    Sale: $3.95
    Quality Micro speaker permanently mounted in a 32mm2 X 28mm ABS plastic box. 3in. leads with a 0.1in. pitch micro connector out the back.
    Rated: 8ohms +-15%
    Frequency range: 200-20KHz.
    Resonant Frequency: ~240Hz
    Power: 2W RMS
    SPL: ~78 +-3dB @1W & .5m
    Rubber edged Aluminized Mylar cone with copper coil.
    SQ: 1-1/4" T: 1” WT: .09
    Connector housing: JST Sales America Inc. PHR-2

    Contact Crimp Socket 28-32 AWG

    Ready made cables:
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