Connect external GPS via UART6 and use in Android

Discussion in 'UDOO NEO' started by gturman, Nov 11, 2021.

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    Oct 21, 2021
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    I want to get the UDOO Neo to run an Android app which requires GPS.

    From what I understand, I only have UART6 available to use, but those pins by default are used for GPIO. To use UART6 I first need to edit the device tree, but it seems that the device tree editor is only available to use in UDOObuntu.

    This means I need to use the device tree editor in UDOObuntu running on the UDOO Neo, then copy the resulting files into a VM running Ubuntu and build Android. Once I reconfigure the device tree, where are the files I need, and where do they need to go, when rebuilding Android?

    Is this even the right approach? If not, how do I edit the device tree to make UART6 available in Android?

    Thinking ahead, lets assume my GPS should be available to use as UART6 /dev/ttymxc5 in Android. What additional configuration do I need to build Android so that the OS recognizes the GPS and lets apps access the GPS?

    I found this thread that lists some instructions but I'm not sure what each of these steps do. Can anyone help me understand what each of these steps is doing? Their set up is slightly different (I want UART6, using Android 6.0.1, but they're using USB and Android 4.4.2). Should I simply attempt to follow these instructions but replace /dev/ttyusb0 with /dev/ttymxc5?

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