Connecting NEO to a Siemens S7 PLC

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    Hi All,
    As made for UDOO Quad, I tested Snap7 library in my new NEO.
    Snap7 is an Open Source (LGPL3) project that allows you to communicate with Siemens S7 PLC family as Client and as Server.
    It's multi platform and since the main package has grown tremendously (x86/x64/Quark/ARM,SPARC,MIPS and related OS), I have recently started snap7-iot as a collection of snap7 core organized by architecture that can be downloaded/rebuild directly into the target device.
    The referring package is snap7-iot-arm and the makefile is the same used for UDOO QUAD.

    Enjoy ;)
    Davide Nardella
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