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    I am playing with the Bolt's EAPI library reading the docs at https://www.picmg.org/wp-content/uploads/COM_EAPI_R1_0.pdf
    I see that there is a dedicated API part for using the watchdog, and also one which is about the built-in FAN. The latter one is not even in the documentation but it is available when using EAPI_Test binary.

    Can I override the BIOS settings regarding the watchdog or the fan by using these calls?

    Regarding the watchdog, is it possible that I kick the watchdog in and use it from my own program including closing the watchdog down (despite BIOS settings)?

    Is it possible to implement a custom, multiple-point fan charateristics by using this API? Because the FAN part is not in the docs, it is quite confusing what is the difference between "cycle" and "duty cycle". I seemingly have the option to get and set these values. However, I get constant 0x64 for the duty cycle independent of the current FAN state. (I can read the fan's RPM and CPU temp correctly however through this API.)

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