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    Please keep in mind that this community is a fun place to share and ask informations and we want always to be like this. That's why we have few simple and easy to follow rules:

    Be polite: This should go without saying, but treat other members like you would like to be treated

    Don't cross-post: Avoid posting the same question in different topics just to have a quick answer.

    Don't spam: We do not tolerate any kind of spam. Any post we consider spam will be removed and the user will receive a warning.

    Be clear: Thinks when you open a thread. This means: choose an explicative title (no "Help" or "i have a question") and be clear explaining what you need and what you discuss about. Try to find the right forum to start your thread where possible or contact a moderator who will evaluate the necessity to move your thread or open a new area.

    Also, if you start a problem thread and you manage to solve it, don't forget to put [SOLVED] in the title afterwards.

    Respect the mods: The moderators are here to help so be gently and respectful and keep the conversation to the right tone. Of course any personal attack against the staff will be not tolerated.

    Watch your language: We would like to keep a decent language in this forum. This means do not swear unnecessarily.

    No illegal activity: You cannot post illegal material, such as torrent and illegal download, personal informations about the other users and nude photos or video.

    Remember that we really care about positive values such as: respect, civilisation, friendship, welcoming, open, support, community, cooperation, ethics, growth and so on and on the contrary we fight against hostility, free (and non-constructive) criticism, violence, negativism and we DO NOT tolerate direct attacks towards other users.

    If any of these rules will be violated the moderators and administrators we’ll proceed like this:

    - First violation: Warning;

    - Secondo violation: Ban for 1 week;

    - Third Violation: Ban for life.

    If you have any questions regarding the rules or any other things feel free to PM a staff member who will clear up things for you.
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