General question regarding small boards like the Udoo Quad and LVDS monitors.

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    So I collecting quite a few small ARM based SoC boards and some of them have LVDS connectors,
    and many of the companies who produce these boards also sell LVDS kits to go with them,
    usually LCD screens from 3" to 7", and those screens usually are just bare LCD panels, or sometimes
    they also offer a 3D printed or acrylic shells for both the ARM board and the LCD panel to sit inside.
    As I only ever run my little ARM boards with my HDMI display, as I compare specs on different boards,
    like the Udoo Quad that features a LVDS connector, and can accept USB touch for the LCD displays too!
    Okay so my question is that, given all of the different options out there, what do people normally do
    when they are putting together a small ARM based system together, and they opt for the LCD panel
    through LVDS, but all they get as far as the LCD panel goes, is just a bare LCD panel, where do they put
    the LCD panel? Do they mount the LCD panel to anything? Do they make their 8 year old kid hold it
    while they install their copy of Google Android onto the EMMC chip? Or are they lucky enough to
    have access to those new fangled 3D printers that are all the rage now?

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