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    I try to program arduino sketch with bidirectional comunication between SAM3X and Android.
    I would like understand what are the analog and digital In/Out on the board. In my pov, I understand that :
    - Axx are Analog Input/Output
    - Dxx are Digital Input/Output
    - PWM are pulse digital signal Input/Output.

    Are you agree with this?

    Other question, When I manage Input/Output from SAM3x, how can I find the adress of each pin.
    For example : PWM13 -> addr : 13 (as we can see on tutorial)
    So you can define PinMode(13, OUTPUT).
    Now if I want define A0 to OutPut, is it correct to write :
    PinMode(A0, OUTPUT);

    I try to understand the following documents :

    Thanks for your help.
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    NO !!!!
    pin = ??;
    pinMode( pin , OUTPUT);
    and digitalWrite( pin, LOW); or digitalWrite( pin , LOW);

    The best way is to look at the examples , eg :-
    examples , basic , blink
    examples , analog , analoginput .

    - Axx are Analog Input/Output .. YES and NO , analog input or plane old input or output
    - Dxx are Digital Input/Output .. YES
    - PWM are pulse digital signal Input/Output .. pulse width modulation output , or plane old input or output

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